2014 Posts

A lot of bloggers are posting their most popular posts of 2014 about now. I haven't looked at my blog statistics in ages, but I thought it would be fun to pop in and see what people are reading.

Top ten posts of 2014:
  1. 50 recipes to make when it's hot
  2. Freezer to slow cooker meals with vegetables and less or no meat
  3. Slow cooker creamy cauliflower soup
  4.  Money-saving tips for cheapskates
  5. Small-batch chocolate cupcakes
  6. Everything you should know about avocados
  7. Baby
  8. Preventing food waste
  9. No more library
  10. Painting the house

Evidently I'm a has-been blogger, because my most popular posts are from past years. Here are my top ten viewed posts from 2014, none of which I wrote in 2014. :)
  1. Dried to canned beans conversion
  2. How to substitute lentils for ground beef
  3. Keyboard games for toddlers
  4. How to flavor homemade yogurt
  5. No-grate homemade liquid laundry detergent
  6. Lentil sloppy joes
  7. Canning on a glass-top stove
  8. Beans in review
  9. Numbers 1–20 practice worksheets
  10. Lemon mug cake


  1. Not to be gross but do you have any "what to do about toilet stains" type posts?

    1. Danielle, if I could figure out what to do about my own, believe me, I'd share!