Closet clean-out

I've been meaning to clean out my closet for months, and last week I finally did it. There is no use in keeping clothes that haven't fit me since before I had Red Chief, or clothes that have holes and stains, or clothes that never quite fit right, or clothes that I just don't wear. They made a three-foot-high stack.

Then I took out all clothes that don't currently fit to store (I have high hopes that they'll fit me again eventually, as I just gave birth less than two months ago). I also put the last of my maternity clothes back in storage, except for the ones I'm still wearing.

My last stack was for the sewing room: clothes that need work (I'm doing this to several tops, because I'm tired of layering, and I'm adding pockets to a pair of pants).

And now I have a whole box of hangers to give away.

1 comment:

  1. Doesnt it feel so good to get those closets cleaned out? I really dislike mending.. So I think I procrastinate, because I will find so much that needs it.ha
    Best wishes..
    Remember to keep posting photos of that pretty baby.. ENjoying seeing how the Baby is growing.