A healthier menu

I take pride in cooking healthy meals for myself and my family, and in making as much as possible from scratch. That has slid drastically during my pregnancy and since Baby was born.

After Thanksgiving, I decided it was time to re-focus on healthy eating again. I planned a menu with veggie-based meals. Usually if a main dish is packed with veggies, I don't bother serving more veggies on the side, but this time, I planned veggie side dishes as well.

This has been a big time commitment for someone who has been used to pulling meals out of the freezer for the last month, but it has been worth it. I did my best to plan meals that I can prepare earlier in the day or cook in the slow cooker, but there has been more veggie chopping, more last-minute prep, and certainly many more dishes to wash.

I have always said to myself that I would never be vegan, because I could never give up eggs and dairy. But lately I have read about the concept of 'plant-based' eating. Somehow thinking of basing a diet on plant foods seems so much nicer than cutting out other foods. I will never be a strict vegan (or even vegetarian), but for now I'm enjoying eating plant-based meals. I love the concept of packing each meal as full of nutrition as possible. And if I don't do it perfectly, it's okay. Having even just one healthy, from-scratch, vegetable-packed meal per day is better than none, and I can work up from there.


  1. Best wishes.. Take it slow...give yourself time to heal and get well.Babies take alot out of us, and require lots of work from mommies..

  2. It's hard to be a strict vegan. Believe me I tried. The non dairy ice cream just wasn't the same.
    A dish I like to make is pasta out of veggie powder based noodles. You can buy boxes of these noodles in the store. You can even make noodle shapes out of actual veggies if you have some kind of spiral cutter. Some people eat them raw but I like to sautee mine a little bit.