Recently tried recipes

Crockpot dal
. This was amazingly good, the best dal I've tried. I used yellow split peas (not sure if they are the same as pigeon peas) and I used canola oil instead of ghee. It seemed watery but thickened up a lot as it cooled. I'm definitely making this again!

Crockpot minestrone. Not as good as my mom's stovetop minestrone, but a serviceable slow cooker recipe. This makes a ton! Next time I would make half.

Slow cooker red lentil soup. I was so excited about this one and it was okay, but kind of boring.

Kale salad with warm cranberry vinaigrette. This is the last garden meal I made this year before it snowed. I love the idea of "massaging" the kale (squishing it up with your hands): it definitely makes it easier to eat raw. I made a few substitutions which prove that this is a  flexible, forgiving recipe. I will definitely make it again. The kids weren't excited about it, but I loved it!

Slow cooker chicken noodle soup. I'm a soup snob. I didn't like this, but the rest of my family did. I have a hard time finding slow cooker soup recipes I like, probably because I don't constantly taste and adjust as it cooks.

Chicken and rice bake. I used brown minute rice, ranch dressing seasoning, and added a pound of frozen broccoli. Didn't love it.

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  1. I invented my own stir fry sauce- vinegar, oil, and soy. I put it over sauteed veggies and white rice. It was unique.