How I'm surviving

The transition to three children has been tough! It is hard to take care of a newborn baby plus two high-energy children with schedules and school and homework and piano lessons and church and everything else.

But you know what? We're surviving, and things are looking better all the time. Here's what's working for me right now.
  • Give myself time to heal. I have been trying to get plenty of rest, and I'm starting to feel much better physically than I have in months. It's so great not to be pregnant anymore!
  • Take care of myself. Naps and showers are a priority.
  • Say yes to help. This is hard for me, but I am getting better with practice.
  • Use the slow cooker. I actually don't love the way the slow cooker cooks my food, but it displaces dinner prep time to the morning, which is much, much easier for me. Even putting a casserole in the oven at 5pm sometimes doesn't happen. Dinner is guaranteed when I use the slow cooker.
  • Freezer meals. I'm so glad I made some when I was pregnant, and I'm going to try to replenish my supply soon.
  • Let some things slide. I can't keep up with everything, so if I don't scrub the bathtub in the next few months, or if the kids spend too much time on the computer while I nap, we will probably live. I have to remind myself that this is temporary.
  • Load-a-day laundry. This is still working wonderfully for me, even though I'm not doing it perfectly. Of course now that Baby is here, it's closer to two loads a day.
  • Hold Baby as much as possible. Because I like him, and he won't be a baby forever.
  • Make extra effort to connect with the older children each day. I feel guilty that I'm not paying as much attention to the older kids lately, but I try to have a talk with them around bedtime and they love the five minutes we spend one on one.
  • Ease back into things. Right now I don't feel ready to drive the kids to school each day, but I've made a goal to get them there on their late-start day. Baby steps.
If you have any new baby survival tips, please share!


  1. So happy to hear you are feeling better.
    Sounds like you have a good plan going on..I only had 2 kids..so don't know how it would have been with 3? I do remember,how hard it was to tend to baby #2 , and also spend time with his sister , who was 3 1/2 yrs. We managed and soon it was all just normal..
    Please continue to except help. They love you and want to help you..so proud you have the helpt..
    The baby is adorable.. Know the 2 older kids are falling in love with him too.

  2. Wear the baby. Find a favorite sling or Moby wrap or Ergo carrier or whatever and wear that baby. That's how you'll get through busy days with a baby. :)

  3. I have thirteen kids. BUT, I still think that 3 kids was the hardest time of all my parenting years! (Those three older kids are now almost 21, 19, and 18.)

    My advice is to PRAY. A lot.

    And once you are healed from pregnancy, go on a weekly date with your husband. Even if it's only for half an hour. Trade with another mom, ask family to help out, but get a babysitter and GO. It doesn't need to be long, but it should be regular.

    Take lots of photos-- of the messes, of the dirty faces, of all the funny things. Do your best to LAUGH at the chaos. The laughter makes everything manageable and happy! ;-)

    BREATHE. And then just move forward and face one day at a time.

    CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes for you during this busy, but precious time! :-) You are doing a great job!!!

    Mama Rachel

  4. Looks like you are doing great! Don't forget to eat! Sometimes things get crazy and a meal just gets missed and that does not help!