Baby is six weeks old already! He has been smiling for three weeks, although we haven't been able to capture a real one on camera yet. He is also starting to bat at things with his hands. He is sleeping up to 4.5 hours at night, which is lovely for me, and he goes to sleep pretty easily. He often prefers laying down on his own to being held when he is awake, and he is starting to be awake more during the day.

We blessed him this weekend. I had originally planned on using Red Chief's blessing outfit, but there was no way it would have fit. I spent forever looking at little white outfits online, then settled on a sweater-style suit, because he hates being cold.

He is pictured on a white blanket crocheted by his great grandmother. She made it for Red Chief when he was blessed, but we forgot to use it and I have felt guilty about it ever since. We finally remembered it, and I'm glad that Baby will have this small connection to her although she isn't with us any longer.

We traveled for Thanksgiving and for the blessing and Baby slept beautifully during the six-hour car ride. We stopped twice each way to feed and change him. He is such a good baby: he rarely fusses unless he has a good reason.

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  1. Three pretty babies.. Such a blessing.. So happy for you.. Enjoy your babies, they grow up SO fast.. Mine are 38 and 42.. I miss them so much.