Load-a-day laundry

I am so impressed with myself that I've kept up with laundry for a whole week. I've never been able to make the load-a-day method work until now. While doing it for a week clearly doesn't make me an expert, I'm going to list what has been working for me, mostly for my own future reference:
  • Lower your standards. It's okay to mix whites and lights, or clothes and linens, to get a full load.
  • If you have half a load, find something else to make a full load: change the towels or sheets, or see if any coats or jackets could use a wash. Last week I washed all the gloves and scarves.
  • It's okay to wash a load that isn't quite full.
  • Start your load of laundry first thing in the morning.
  • Put in a load the night before (I recently discovered the delayed start function on my machine and I love it).
  • Do two loads some days if you must.
  • Make sure the kids are giving you their dirty clothes every day.
  • Put it away right away. No leaving it until tomorrow!
  • Enjoy putting away the laundry. (This is much easier when there's only one load.) Think about how blessed you are to have a family to do laundry for and clothes to wear and comfortable beds with clean sheets.


  1. Proud it is working for you.. It is only 2 of us.. SO, I don't have the laundry that I use to have. But, I still do this principle a lot.. Some days, I just don't have a load to wash. But, I basically wash one every day.. I too.. check jackets, scarfs, etc.. to make up a load.. Some times.. I just do a smaller load.. This is so much easier than letting laundry build up. Best wishes.

  2. Great, great advice! I can get away with doing laundry twice a week with 3 of us in the house. I will adopt this if/when we have more children. I love your first tip, "lower your standards...". I have to do this with many of the tasks on my ongoing to-do list. I'm happier, get more accomplished and am less frustrated with this approach. Thank you!