Last week I set some goals. The first goal was to enjoy the long weekend off school with the kids. It was a success! We had such a nice time together just enjoying each other, getting work done, and visiting the park as much as possible. I'm so glad I had that last little time with them before the baby comes. I know things will be great with the baby too, but it will be an adjustment. It has been so nice to take my kids to the park lately because they can take care of themselves while I relax on a bench. That will definitely change with a baby around!

My other goal is to keep up with the laundry and dishes until the baby comes—because I think it will make life easier for everyone. I was worried at first, but I am doing much better than I imagined. I have been totally caught up with laundry, and to get my load a day in, I have been changing beds and laundering sheets and towels. I've also kept up with the dishes. The secret is to unload the dishwasher as soon as possible after things are clean. Then there's a place to put the dirty dishes.

I've had more energy this past week: I hope it means the baby will make an appearance soon! But meanwhile, I'm running with it, and I've finished several items on my to-do list, including some Christmas shopping and packing hospital bags. There is still plenty to do though, especially cleaning I've neglected in my fatigue.


  1. My husband unloads the dishwasher every morning. I am SO blessed!

    More energy is a good sign!

  2. So proud you had the energy boost and got things done.. I know it makes you feel better..[and that is a sure sign , that sweet baby is getting ready to appear.ha]
    I am also happy that you got to spend the quality time with the kids.. This is very special..
    Sending prayers for you and the new baby..