Simplifying more


I've done a lot to simplify my life in the last few months, but I'm taking it one more step in the next month to prepare for the new baby's arrival. Some ideas:

  • Get all the library books returned and don't check out more. It's painful to think of taking a few months off from the library, but I do actually own a lot of books, so I will probably survive.
  • Use the slow cooker more. I love that it allows me to prepare meals in the morning, when I have more energy.
  • When cooking, make extra to freeze. This way I can fill up the freezer without having big cooking days.
  • Train Red Chief and Tiger Lily to complete their responsibilities without reminders. This is obviously a huge undertaking, but tying their allowance to it does help.
  • Get Red Chief used to packing his own lunch. I actually don't mind packing him a lunch—I kind of like it—but I'd like him to be able to do it when the baby comes.
  • Get rid of extra toys and books. I will never have to pick them up again.

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  1. Does your library have online renewal? That's saved us a lot of hassle (and fines!) because you just click a button and all of your books are renewed unless there's a request out on it.

    I have the hardest time using my Crock Pot. I know that it's the best way to make a meal in a timely manner without heating up the house, but I put it off all day until it's early afternoon, and then there's not enough time to cook whatever meal I wanted to make.