Recently tried recipes

Apple cinnamon oatmeal bread. We loved this, even without the glaze. I will definitely make it again. Oh, and did I mention it's super easy? I didn't combine the wet/dry ingredients separately first; I just mixed everything together. I subbed whole wheat flour with no problems.

Sesame cucumbers. I used the sauce from this recipe over cucumbers instead of noodles. Yum!

Chocolate chip butter cake. Really good! Bonus: the batter is thick enough that the chocolate chips don't sink.

Lion House rolls. These were perfect. I've wondered in the past why I can make such nice loaves of bread but my rolls never turn out. These rolls turned out beautifully.

Baked spaghetti. We liked this, which is good, because I made extra to freeze. I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta.

Cup of cocoa cake. A nice, dense cake. I found myself wishing it had some sort of glaze or icing.

Broccoli quinoa casserole. We made this without the chicken. Super yummy! Even the kids who didn't want to taste it at first were converted.

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