No more library

A few weeks ago, I decided to stop checking out library books because I didn't want to worry about returning them when the baby comes.

It's been hard.

Even at $4 apiece for used books on Amazon, my reading habit is getting expensive.
I guess it's time to read all those books I own but haven't read yet!

I have to admit that it has been fun to buy books for a change, only it seems wasteful if the book turns out to be something I'll never read again. Normally I only buy books that I know I'll read over and over again, or books that I know will take me a very long time to read.

Do you buy books or check them out? Which do you prefer?


  1. I used to have a monthly book allowance - I could buy one book each month. While I miss that, I love checking books out from the library! I can get ten books month instead of one! :)

  2. OH Diane, I love to buy books too. I use to a good bit.. But since Hubby and I retired, our income has dropped considerably, so I only go to the library now.
    Best wishes and prayers for you and the baby..

  3. That is a tough one. I love to own them so that I can read at my leisure but I don't want to have to store them. My happy answer is to buy them at thrift stores for 25 to 50 cents. I give them away or donate them again. I have 6-8 books that were a quarter right now so I am set for a bit.

  4. Check to see if your area has a "Half Price Books" store. They have buy counters where you can sell your unwanted books for pocket money.

  5. library all the way!!! We live 1 block from the library and I have an online account, so I can renew and request online (and i get reminders when the due date is coming). That said, our public library is chronically underfunded, so if I do have to pay a fine, I don't mind. I will only buy a book if I love it and know I want to read it again in the future.