Minivans, carpet, and dinners


We took a quick trip out of town to buy a minivan (!) over the long weekend. We've never left on such short notice before, but it all worked out. The kids are pretty excited about our new vehicle. I personally hate getting used to driving new cars, but I'm sure I'll get used to driving it eventually. It's actually no longer than our car, just a bit wider.

This week we had the carpets in our living area professionally cleaned, in hopes that it would buy us another year before we get new carpet. They got out stains that we thought would never come out—stains that came with the house, that we had gone over several times with our own carpet cleaner. I felt lazy having someone else clean my carpets, but it was worth it! They also re-stretched our carpet (it had some wrinkles) and patched an area the cat clawed up. I love having clean carpets!

While the carpet cleaners were here, I made six dinners: two for this week, and four for after the baby comes. I always try to plan something productive to do while there are people working in the house; otherwise I just feel awkward. Six dinners isn't too bad for an hour and a half!

Next up on my list: get the garage cleaned out and wash the floor, because I think the carpets will stay a lot cleaner if our garage isn't filthy! I don't know when it will get done, because I am very tired and it's hard to stay on top of the normal work like dishes and laundry.


  1. Ooh, I need to get my carpets stretched too- the wrinkles are getting a little out of control. I love a nice clean carpet!

    If you can rent a pressure washer- or borrow one, that makes cleaning the garage floor easy. I did mine the other day- to help keep the dirt out of the house. The kids would have black feet after walking through the garage! If you have a pushbroom you can use that to push the water out.

    You are totally nesting for this new baby! Ha ha! How soon will the baby be here approximately?

    1. The due date is Oct. 12, but I wouldn't complain if it came a little earlier! Unfortunately, I have a history of the opposite.

  2. I love clean carpets.. Smells so nice, and feels so good.. Best wishes on getting the garage cleaned out..I do always dread that job.ha
    Great idea to getting those meals cooked ahead of time..
    Best wishes on the new baby, praying for you and the baby.. We can wish for Oct.4 th.. that is early and my birthday too.hahaha
    Take it easy, and don't over do..
    Enjoy your new van.

  3. I vote for October 15th

  4. Yay for a new minivan! Our daughter's family is in need of one and they are so hard to find used.

    1. Yes, they are so hard to find used! That is why we had to leave town to find one.