Recently tried recipes

Hash brown breakfast casserole. Pretty good, and very popular with the family. I would probably say, though, that it doesn't serve 12–15, though, especially as a main dish. My family of four ate most of it for dinner.

Butternut squash pasta. This was quite good (especially with extra pesto on top), but the best part is that it used up so much pumpkin from my freezer!

Zucchini lasagna rolls. Red Chief ate about half a pan of these. I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta because we like it better.

Sour cream chicken enchiladas. Yum. The sauce was a little thin and there wasn't quite enough chicken to go around, but I may make this again with some tweaking.

Swiss chard soup. Ugly but tasty! One of my new favorites, and super frugal if you're growing your own chard. I suspect other greens would work here as well. I made ours in the slow cooker.

Strawberry smoothie. We liked this. I used frozen strawberries, so skipped the ice (also reduced sugar to 1T). I had to add milk so my poor blender could handle it, but all in all, I'll probably use this recipe again.

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  1. I've been putting fresh fruit in the blender with whipping cream, and it's a great dessert.