New shirt

I had ambitious plans of sewing Tiger Lily an entire wardrobe before she started kindergarten, but of course I didn't. I did, however, find time to make her a quick peasant shirt from this pattern, which I love. (I've used it twice before, here and here.) One thing I like about this pattern is that I can make it from woven fabric, but she can pull it on over her head and not have to worry about fasteners. Also, the fit is very flexible: she's still wearing the dresses I made her two years ago.

She is getting so big—bigger than the pattern, so I made some small changes which actually worked out. I will probably buy the bigger size of the pattern if I make it again, since I like it so much.

I found the fabric in my stash. It's either a pass-along from someone else or thrifted; I can't remember where everything came from anymore. I think it's polyester, but it's very cute, and it was easy to work with.

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  1. Tiger lily looks adorable in her new blouse.. I love the peasant style blouses/dresses..