We had a nice trip

We had a great vacation planned by my awesome husband, who kept us on our toes: we saw the ocean (and buried Red Chief in the sand), visited an aquarium (tossing dead fish to seals and touching starfish), toured a fort (the kids helped raise a fifteen-star flag and also learned to write with a quill pen), went to a science museum and a children's museum, saw some beautiful gardens, went to the biggest bookstore ever (and parked in the scariest parking garage ever), hiked to some waterfalls (in the rain), had a campfire, swam in hotel pools, watched hotel television (Red Chief is not impressed), saw a cheese factory, went to some parks so the kids could run (see-saws and a merry-go-round!), went to church, rode a train (which was "held up"), saw a dredge mine, and panned for gold. That was all in a week, and I'm still tired!

I'd say the trip was a success! I didn't have to plan anything, but I did have a goal to get lots of family pictures together. And we did! I'm always so disappointed when we get back from a family trip and we only had one photo all together and it didn't turn out.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I'm jealous! :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful vacation.. So proud you and the family had such a fun time. Loved the photo of all of you.. Kids are adorable..