Recently tried recipes

Dark chocolate pistachio butter cookie bars. I made these within ten minutes of seeing the recipe. Except I used 1 cup peanut butter instead of the pistachio butter, and I used whole wheat flour, and skipped the sea salt. They are very good and very crumbly. If I make them again, I might add an egg.

Quick crusty bread. Pretty good for such a fast recipe! I'll make this again, and I'm going to try it with whole wheat using the increased amount of water mentioned in the comments.

Summer vegetable soup. We all enjoyed this, although I can't say I followed the recipe exactly. I put in lots of zucchini and Swiss chard, since that's what our garden is producing right now.

Chicken Parmesan meatloaf. I was excited about this recipe, but it was kind of gross and the texture was weird. Oh well.

Cupcake mold pizzas. Red Chief successfully made these by himself with minimal supervision. They were better than I thought they would be (meaning mostly that I was scared of the refrigerated pizza dough but it wasn't that bad). We used normal-sized muffin tins and got eight pizzas.

Thick-cut steaks. I have been meaning to try this steak-cooking method for the longest time, but we just don't eat that much steak. However, Red Chief requested it for his birthday dinner, so I finally gave it a go.  I used the pan method and it worked perfectly. It was probably my first time getting a tender steak that was not overcooked.

Zucchini brownies. We all liked these. I halved the recipe, used less sugar, and added an egg because the batter was very dry. Tiger Lily, who didn't want to try them because I told her the secret ingredient, ended up asking me to make them again.

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