Getting ready to do dishes

 . . . because a small part broke off the filter while I was cleaning it out, and the glue needs to dry awhile.

I used this as an opportunity to show my children that dishes can actually be washed by hand. I think all kids need an occasional enlightening in that area.

My mom taught me to wash dishes, and our first two apartments after we were married didn't have dishwashers, so I know just what to do. I prefer to rinse everything off of everything first, then wash, rinse, and dry. That way my washwater doesn't get disgusting. I used to dry in a drainer, but I don't have one anymore, and letting the kids dry will get them more involved.

How do you hand-wash your dishes?


  1. :) We hand washed dishes for a couple of months when our dishwasher broke and while we searched for a replacement. It was less of a burden than I thought it would be. May you have good conversations as you work together.

  2. I have a dishwasher,and I use it, when I do a big meal, or have lots of dishes. But since, the kids are grown and gone, With just me and hubby, I handwash my dishes a good bit.. I rinse them, I wash them and put in the drainer to dry.. Normally, they are dry before bed time, so I go and put them up, before going to bed.. That way, the next day, is at a fresh start.ha

  3. I hand wash a batch of dishes every day at night. I save up all the stuff that just doesn't get clean well in the dishwasher and the really big pas and bowls. I start the sink with a little bit of soapy water and wash the little stuff first. I rinse things off over the soapy water and as I do that the sink fills up more making it easier to wash the bigger items at the end. I hate having a huge sink full of rinse water and a huge sink full of soapy water. Seems like a waste of water to me. I'm positive I can wash dishes with less water than a dishwasher uses- eve a high efficiency one!
    There were 9 kids in my family growing up before we had a dishwasher so we definitely learned to do the deed. ( :