Early summer garden

We came back from our summer trip to find that our garden (and yard, ugh!) had turned into a jungle. Along with plenty of weeds, we found kohlrabi ready to harvest, zucchini and summer squash nearly ready, and baby cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes coming along nicely.

Most of the greens, radishes, and cilantro had seriously bolted, and the peas are done. I know I should pull them out, but the bees love them so much. There is still Swiss chard to eat though!

The raised garden beds make it easier to maintain while I'm pregnant, but I still don't have unlimited energy: I'm taking it one bed at a time. And then there's the thistle taller than Tiger Lily in the front yard. Hmm.

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  1. How wonderful is our vegetable gardens.. But... a few days away, and the grass /weeds, wants to take ownership.lol
    Be careful... don't over do ...
    Your garden looks lovely;