Cut sponges in half

This is kind of a duh tip, but it took me so long to think of that perhaps you haven't tried it either.

I love green Scotch-Brite scratchy sponges for scouring in the kitchen, but I noticed that the middle was always wearing out before the edges. Or the whole thing would get impossibly smelly and clogged with scrambled eggs before it wore out and I'd have to throw it away.

I started cutting the sponges in half. They wear more evenly; it's not as big a deal if I have to throw one away earlier; and best of all, I get twice as many. I really do get as much wear out of each half sponge as I was getting from a whole one. Now a package lasts me twice as long!


  1. I started cutting Magic Erasers in half too because of the same problem and the fact that they rip in half at some point anyway. I may or may not be getting more use out of the two pieces but I find them easier to use.

    I have a plastic scraper that is handy for scraping messes like eggs out of pans. It is about 2 inches square. If you can locate one it is a huge saver because it can go through the dishwasher. I think I have had it for 15 years and it is still going strong.

  2. Thanks for the tip..
    I buy sos soap pads.. They are great for getting pots/pans clean ..The bad thing is, after a use or two, they go to rusting. I had a friend of mine, give me a great tip. She said, when she brings the pads home, she takes her scissors and cuts them in half , and then can throw them away after a couple uses.. Not only does it double your use of the pads, but it is a fantastic way to sharpen your scissors..