Back-to-school clothing inventory

After having Red Chief somehow end up with about twenty t-shirts last year, I took a back-to-school clothing inventory this time around. It seems a little early, but Tiger Lily was down to about three pairs of pants.

I made a spreadsheet of what each child should have and how many. Then on laundry day, right after we put the clothes away, we tallied up what each child had, trying things on where necessary. I took everything out of their drawers that was too small or too worn.

We also tried on clothing that I had been buying ahead on sale or had received as hand-me-downs. So now each child has some new-to-them pieces, and we only need to buy a few more things. Hooray!

Now I really should go do the same for myself, but somehow it's more fun when it's the kids.


  1. I need to go through my closet and dresser, too. This is something I could put off just about forever. :)

  2. What did you do with their old ones? I felt really guilty for tossing Annalise's school clothes from first grade, because the very next day I heard about a clothing drive for school clothing.

    1. For old clothes still in good condition, I pass them on to a relative or friend, or I give them to a thrift shop. But a lot of their clothes aren't fit to pass on! Some of the pants I save for making patches.

  3. That's a great idea to save pants for patches. That will really extend the life of a pair of school uniform pants for an especially active child tearing out the knees. Do you have a how-to for making the patches?

    1. I don't have a tutorial, but what I do is this:

      1. Rip out one side of the legs so I can sew in the patches more easily.
      2. Cut two patches for the knees, with enough to sew them into the side seams.
      3. Press under the three sides of the patches (not the one that will be sewn into the side seam).
      4. Pin on the patches and sew.
      5. Sew the sides of the legs back up.

      Hope that helps! Perhaps some day I'll get enough time and energy to take pictures of what I do. But I bet there are other tutorials out there, and many different ways to get the job done.