A smaller grocery trip


For years now I've been grocery shopping every two weeks, and it's worked well for me. I've saved money and made fewer trips to the store.

But lately, the trips have been completely wearing me out. Two weeks of groceries is just so much—you move it all into your cart, then onto the conveyor belt, then into sacks and back into your cart, then into your trunk, then into your house, then you have to put it all away.

So this week I went shopping for one week. It was perfect! I was in and out of the store so fast, and when I got home I still had energy to put the groceries away, just because there weren't as many.

I think for now, I'll be taking weekly trips. And in the winter, when the produce is less exciting and longer keeping (and I'll have a new baby), I'll probably switch back to the every-other-week routine.


  1. That's a perfect description of what I usually do, and exactly why I'm doing smaller, more frequent trips to the store than usual--2 weeks of food for 9 people is a LOT of food!!! :)

  2. Congratulations on your impending arrival! Our second is due in less than a month.

    We went from a grocery store trip once a week to a once a month Costco trip with little weekly trips to the three farm markets where we get our eggs, milk, and produce. It seems to work much better for us, and the most I have to carry at one go is 2-3 gallons of milk.

  3. Great idea.. Buying for 2 weeks is really hard, and with your being pregnant ,, I know it is too much for you.. Proud you tried this... And it is working out for you. Take care of your self ..