A new hairbrush for a screaming daughter


Tiger Lily hates having her hair brushed. Hates it. If you walk through our house while I'm doing her hair, you might think she's being tortured or murdered, but really we're just trying to do a ponytail—and I do try to be gentle.

Recently I saw a new sort of hairbrush recommended on a blog. And since I was assured it would work on a variety of hair types without pain, I bought one.

Tiger Lily is in love. There has been no screaming since we got it. She will sit around and brush her hair for fun.  The only problem is that she keeps undoing her hair after I do it so she can brush some more.

I'm still keeping the old brush for styling, but there has been no more screaming since we first remove the tangles with the new brush. My other caveats are: (1) it is contoured for a right hand (and I use both hands when I brush my hair or Tiger Lily's) (it does work fine in the left hand), and (2) I have no idea how well it will last over the long run (my last hairbrush has been going strong for ten years).

If you're having screaming issues with your daughter when you try to do her hair, I would definitely recommend this brush. You can read more about it here if you want more information.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I would have had one of these about 30 years ago.lol..We had the same screams.lol
    Will tell my grandchildrens moms about it. thank you for sharing.