My husband was out of town last week, and I always end up scrapbooking when he's gone, probably because I miss him. Also it feels less lonely after the kids go to bed if I have something productive to do and maybe a Freakonomics podcast playing in the background.

I've hit a scrapping milestone: I'm up to Tiger Lily's birth! If only that weren't five years ago. But I'm enjoying working on our album, and I hope that I can keep it up. I'd love to be only four years behind! (Catching all the way up seems too much to ask at the moment.)

Working on our scrapbook is a good thing for me to be doing when I need a little rest. It's hardly strenuous to sit down at the computer! And it's much easier since we updated our system and installed more memory (it was extremely slow before!).

I've found almost all my digital scrapping materials for free. I've been scrapping for years, and apart from the program I use (which I already owned and used to use for work), I've only spent four dollars on supplies. Printing is another matter, though.

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  1. What fun...
    I love seeing the older photos of the kids... Just taking the time to sit and look at them.. is so enjoyable..
    Your scrap book pages are so pretty..