Mending quilts

I finished mending two quilts the next day, and that was my whole mending pile! I'm proud of the hand-stitching job I did on this quilt my grandma made (she had forgotten to stitch down one of the leaves, and it was peeling up). 

Of course, as I was repairing the last quilt, Tiger Lily brought me a doll bonnet that needs new strings.

Red Chief has been busy sewing a flannel blanket for the new baby to use. I'm so proud that (1) he's learning to sew and (2) that he wants to make something for the baby. He's certainly a lot more excited about this baby than the last one!

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  1. Well... I think I missed a blog post...are you expecting?? If so.. I am so excited for you..Congrats..
    I bet Genevie is excited too.. Best wishes.
    ps I knew you had been sick, but wasn't sure what was wrong.. Honestly, I have been worrying about you.. hugs.