Ice cream cake


Tiger Lily turned five this week. It's hard to believe how fast she's grown. She had about ten different cake requests, but we finally decided on an ice cream cake with pink frosting.

I used this concept along with this ice cream recipe, this frosting recipe, and pound cake. I didn't want my cake to be eight inches high, so I froze just half the ice cream in a cake pan, used 2/3 of the frosting recipe (1/3 would have been plenty; I had lots of leftovers), and half of the pound cake recipe, baked in one pan, then split in half.

It turned out really well, especially the part where I added puréed mixed berries to the ice cream. Yum. I was worried that the ice cream layer wouldn't come free of the pan, but I greased the pan and put a waxed paper circle in the bottom. Then when it was time to assemble the cake, I dipped the pan in hot water for a few seconds. It needed some prodding with a table knife, but it did come out in one piece without too much trouble.

This was a fun cake to make, and I'm glad I've tried it.

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  1. Happy birthday to Tiger Lily.. The cake looks so good..