My birthday cake

I enjoy making my own birthday cakes, because I enjoy making (and eating) good cakes. I don't do fancy decorating, but I do enjoy trying new recipes. Especially recipes that use whipped cream instead of frosting.

This year I made the cover specimen from Jane Brocket's Vintage Cakes: Victoria sandwich cake. I used strawberries inside instead of jam. The verdict: very nice!

My birthday was also very nice. My husband secretly arranged for some of our friends to take Tiger Lily during the school day, and I had a lovely break and a drive in the mountains with my favorite person. I didn't know how much I needed a break until I had one! 

I had a surprise party when I was sixteen. This year I turned thirty-two. I've told my husband that I'll be expecting another surprise when I turn forty-eight!


  1. I made my own birthday cake, too. :) Like you, I didn't mind a bit because it was fun to do and delicious. Mine was carrot cake with pecans and cream cheese frosting. Happy birthday to you!!!!

  2. What a lovely cake, and what a sweet hubby to have such a wonderful surprise for you..
    So happy for you..
    Happy ,happy BIrthday.

  3. I made a mandarin orange cake for my birthday on the 12th. It is an opportunity to make a cake that the rest of the family would never choose to eat. :)

    Glad your day was happy!

  4. Happy birthday and many more!