More freezer to crockpot meals

Over the weekend, I went shopping for ingredients to make more freezer to crockpot meals. The meals I made last time didn't agree with Red Chief's sensitive stomach, and I didn't have much energy, so I turned to some dead easy dump-and-freeze meals, mostly based on chicken, because that's what people seem to be making these days.

So far we've loved one recipe and liked two. I'm tired of having chicken every night! We usually don't eat that much meat. But the kids haven't complained, and I'm so glad to know that dinner is in the freezer and if I'm not feeling great in the afternoon, dinner will still be ready. Even if it's chicken. Again.

I didn't have a ton of energy when I was putting together the meals, so here's what I did:
  • Picked out the simplest recipes I could find
  • Made two of each meal
  • Made them in shorter sessions, not all in one day (I still have some more to make, after there's more room in my freezer!)
  • I also have the option to make the meals one at a time, one to eat tonight and one to freeze for later
Cooking this way is what's working for me now. This way I can prep meals when I have energy, instead of at a set time when I may or may not be feeling well. And poor Red Chief doesn't have to worry about whether he'll get dinner! One day I was napping when he got home from school and the sweet child dumped a pound and a half of pasta, a can of tomatoes, and a large amount of cumin into a metal bowl and microwaved it—because somebody had to make dinner, and Mom wasn't making it. I really appreciate how he's stepped up and accepted more responsibility around the house lately—and I guess I'd better give him some cooking lessons!

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  1. Great idea on the make ahead meals.. How sweet of Red Chief to get supper started. ha.
    Hope your feeling better.