Longing for order and peace

"We live in a world that is trembling with terrorism, reeling with angry people, crumbling from crime and corruption, and seemingly spinning out of control. Our individual lives are too often fraught with pressure, stress, and anxiety. Therefore, we are longing for order and peace and tranquility in our own small world, our homes. As family members we are hoping to find refuge for our souls within the walls of our homes. An orderly home that is consistently managed by sensible, flexible structures and systems rather than being in crisis helps bring productivity to our lives and peace to our hearts."
—Daryl Hoole, The Ulitmate Career, 4

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  1. This was so well said. I too, long for peace and order.. SO sad to hear the news.. Always a tragedy..
    I hope to keep order in my own home, and not be so rigid ,that I can't be flexible, and enjoy
    the small things..
    Such a wonderful blog.. thank you.