An embroidered t-shirt

I'm less tired now, but instead I'm dizzy! When I try to do normal things like walk Red Chief to school or load the dishwasher, sooner or later (usually sooner) my body cries out for rest and I have to lay down.

After a few days of practically going crazy from lack of something to do (but having things that needed done all around me), I decided to embroider a t-shirt for Tiger Lily. I've never done anything but cross-stitch before, but I thought I could handle a lot of basic outlining with a back-stitch while lounging on the couch.

I had all the materials on hand (transfers and thread), and I grabbed the t-shirt from Tiger Lily's drawer.

She loves it!

I've started on a pillowcase for Red Chief. It's much easier to embroider accurately than a t-shirt. And if I keep feeling the same way I've been feeling, I'll be done in no time. It's good for morale to have something to do.


  1. Adorable...\Hope you feel better real soon... Take care of yourself..

  2. That's making lemonade out of lemons!! What a cute shirt. :)