Well, after much thinking about colors, we finally picked something and got started painting the outside of the house. I absolutely love how it turned out! One detail you can't see from the picture is the bright red front door.

The family has mixed feelings about the color change. I hated the old color and love the new one, so I'm quite happy. My husband doesn't care much one way or the other. Red Chief likes the new color. Tiger Lily keeps telling me she wants the old color back . . . but she does love the red door.

Perhaps I'm a bore for picking out grey (on the outside and also a very light shade inside, too), but I find it soothing to look at and more traditional-looking than the former colors.


  1. It's lovely. I am sympathetic to Tiger Lily (I'm not a fan of change), but I bet she'll be a fierce defender of it over time. :)

  2. I love it! Your house is very lovely. I don't like that old color at all. Where I live everything is brown and I'm sick of it. I love colorful front doors too. We used to have a green door. Where I live now our doors aren't even painted at all!

  3. I love,love the new gray colors. and bet the red door is just perfect.. So happy that you like it. Love the shape of your house.. Such a pretty home..