How to make three batches of chicken stock from one carcass

I roasted a turkey for Christmas, and afterward I put the carcass, skin, and all the extras into my biggest slow cooker and covered with water. As usual, I let it cook for 12–24 hours, then strained and froze it. The carcass still looked as if it was good for another go, so I did it again . . . and then again. And guess what? The third batch of broth was still much better than storebought. I probably could have done another batch, but by that time I was getting thoroughly sick of the smell of turkey in my house.

I did the same thing again this week with a chicken carcass. Three batches, and the third batch still came out beautiful and yellow. By that time the bones were easily broken by hand.

This has worked so well that I'll always make multiple batches of chicken stock when I have a carcass now.

Another thing I've started doing recently is including the skin in my stock. It does mean there's more fat to remove at the end, but it makes the broth much fuller-tasting (and more gelatinous when it's refrigerated).

New to making chicken broth? I've written a how-to here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.. that is fantastic to get 3 batches out of one carcass. I boil mine one time.. never even thought of it..