Too busy

I've been so busy running around the last week or so that I've hardly had time to keep up with the housework. I was hoping to have a nice quiet day at home today, but no, there are two essential errands to be run.

Perhaps tomorrow! There is nothing that thwarts housework like not being at home.


  1. You said it so well..
    I have noticed..if I ever leave the house for errands, the house work doesn't get done..
    I like to have a day to go no where.. I get so much more accomplished..
    Hope things slow down for you..

  2. Having my husband home is what can really keep me from getting things done. He just returned to work today after being out on disability for 2 months and I got more done this morning than I have for a whole week while he has been home. I miss him being here but things already feel like they are on a better rhythm.