Painting in progress

The painting has begun. We've hired it out, since neither of us much wanted to tackle the two-story ceiling.

I'm living in a state of color-induced panic. When they first painted a little of the new color on the wall, it looked so white. I thought it would be a bit darker! It looked lighter than it seemed on the paint chip and even from the sample we got.

But the more they paint, the more I like it. It looks very different in different lights, and I like it best by daylight, which our house has lots of.

They've painted the whole ceiling and the upstairs hall now, and I really like it! It is different, and it will take some getting used to. It is so much lighter and brighter. It's hard to choose one color for the main living area of our house because some areas (like the upstairs hall) are quite dark, and others, like the main living room are quite bright. But I wanted to keep it one color because it all runs together and there aren't good stopping places.

In any case, our floor is covered with dropcloths and our furniture and kitchen are covered in plastic, and I'm really glad that I put together some dinners last week.

The kids and I have had fun holing up in unused rooms (and sewing, or watching movies, or reading) or playing in the back yard or running away to do fun things around town. But I think we'll all be glad when this big job is done!

And then a few weeks later we'll start over again with the outside of the house . . . but I think that will be less interruptive of our daily activities.


  1. It will be beautiful I know.. I love your tall ceilings.. such a pretty house..
    Have fun , with the playing ,sewing and holding up in other rooms.ha