Mending day

I knew I had some mending to do on Friday, because Red Chief somehow developed holes in the knees of both pairs of his church pants last week, and he needed to have something to wear for Sunday.

But I didn't stop at the pants. I didn't even start there. First I sewed three buttons on.

Then I patched Red Chief's tan church pants. Then I looked for something to patch his black pants, but I don't have anything that matches.

(Aside: is it tacky to send your kids to church in neatly patched or mended clothes? Should I perhaps buy new pants and relegate the old patched ones to everyday?)

Next I sewed up some holes in a pair of pajama pants.

Then I picked up another pair of Red Chief's pants (grey) that need patches. The only match I could find is a long-sleeved shirt of my husband's that has holes in the elbows that I've been meaning to cut off into a short-sleeved shirt. So I cut off the sleeves and verified that there's enough fabric to patch the pants. I did not patch the pants; I'll do that another day.

To finish up, I hemmed the sleeves of my husband's shirt. I had barely enough thread of the right color, and had to use a lesser match on the underside.

And then I stopped mending things, because it was time to make dinner!

I've found that I have a lot more mending lately, since I've resolved to let less clothing go to waste if it can be fixed with a simple repair. I don't really mind; it's rewarding to see my kids running around in something that I would have otherwise had to throw away and buy new. And if I ever in the future don't have time for mending, well, I can always return to my old ways. For now, though, I'm learning good skills: this was the fifth pair of patches I've installed in the last few months, and I'm getting better and faster at it.


  1. So happy for you , that you got so much mending done. It always feels good to get it done..
    I am so bad, to procrastinate and let it pile up. I remember when my son was little, there was lots of knee patches ..why are boys so rough on those knees?haha

  2. I love mending! It's such instant gratification for me.

    At my church, patched knees would go unnoticed. I haven't had to patch a pair of church pants yet, but I probably would do it if needed. I have darned my daughter's tights and she's worn them to church, although the darn was mostly above hemline.

    My best friend says that patched pants show love and care. I do so agree! (But I don't think that a child with holey pants is unloved! I just think patched pants do not look "poor.")

    1. Agree totally..
      I think being thrifty...is just being wise, not necessarily poor.. lol..[even though, I did grow up very poor.]

  3. I love that you are patching and hemming and the like! I can't seem to find time to sew these days, so I only do a minimum of clothes fixing. My problem is that my kids only want to wear knit clothes and those don't really lend themselves to mending very well. I end up cutting off the holey bottom leg of the pants and having them wear the new "shorts" under a dress. I've tried sewing closed the holes in shirts but they just end up looking silly.

    My personal preference is to use the mended or needing to be mended clothes for the items we wear around the house. We save our nicest things for when we are going out or Sunday to look our very best. But, if I saw a child with neatly mended pants at church I'd be impressed that someone had the skill and took the time to make the pants nice. It would be obvious that family was trying to look their best at church.
    It's hard to know where it's best to be frugal and when it's just time to get something new. I tend to wear frumpy, holey clothes for ages before getting something new!

  4. Come over and mend my life. (I'm kidding). (Kind of).

  5. I love your blog! Do you have tips for darning (or mending) holes in socks?

    1. That's something I've never done, but I would like to learn someday!