Freezer to slow cooker meals

I knew we were having the inside of the house painted this week, but somehow it still took me by surprise when on Friday I fully realized that soon the main living area and kitchen of my house would be full of painters, and I needed to do a thousand things first: clean everything, do all the laundry, figure out meals, put away the knick-knacks.

I needed to be ahead, but I was behind.

I didn't manage to finish everything I wanted to, but one thing I did do was get some slow cooker meals into the freezer. Now I can throw something in the slow cooker in the morning (in the garage, if they're painting the kitchen) and we'll have something to eat at dinnertime with a minimum of fuss and dishes.

It didn't take long to make

Freezer to slow cooker meals seem to be very popular lately, and these are the first I've tried. I hope they turn out well, because it's what we'll be eating for the next week! Have you tried any before? Did they turn out well?

I'm not looking forward to having the main living areas of my house tied up for the next week, but I am excited to have it repainted. We'll have the outside painted in a few more weeks.

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  1. How exciting to get the inside of your house painted.. I love the clean new colors.. Really gets me excited to clean.lol

    Your recipes for the week, sound really good. I have never done the freezer to the crock pot dishes.. So, I am of no help..But, My daughter does them pretty frequently.. She is a teacher, and when she knows she has a bad week coming, she does this..She tells me , that hers work great.. Cant wait to see photos of the newly painted walls.. [know the week that the workers are there, will be no fun...but enjoy when its done..