Freezer to slow cooker meals: report

Last week I made some freezer to slow cooker meals since we were having our house (including our kitchen) painted.

The interior painting is all done, thank goodness! We survived, and the painters did a great job.

The meals went pretty well. I made:

I pulled each meal out a day or two before we had it to thaw in the fridge. The bread thawed on the counter. I cooked the meals in my slow cooker in the garage.

The butter chicken was good. It looked too soupy when I checked on it, but it thickened as it cooled. The rice heated beautifully in the microwave.

The chili worked well but it cooked too long and tasted a bit overdone. One thing I find hard about slow cooker meals is that if you're going somewhere in the morning and want it to be done at 6pm, most recipes aren't supposed to be cooked for that long.

Beef and barley soup: good but too thyme-y. That will be easy to fix if I make it again.

All in all, I would definitely try freezer to slow cooker meals again. It made our lives a lot easier last week! Tips to myself for next time:

  • Thaw in the fridge one or two days in advance. Set bags in a baking dish in case of leaks.
  • If you can, stir once during cooking to mix the ingredients up (mine were layered in the bag and were still too stiff to mix up when I first put it in the pot).
  • Don't cook for longer than the recipe calls for. 
  • Turn off the slow cooker about an hour before dinner to let things cool down a little.


  1. Proud you got through with the painters.. Know your proud of your new look.. Always looks so clean ,after painting..
    Also proud your freezer meals worked for you.

  2. I like to use a timer if you don't have one on your crockpot, which I don't, then buy a timer that is for lights. I use one,that I bought in the lightbulb area of walmart you can set your lights to go on at certain times and off at certain times. This works perfect for crockpots so on days I am gone all day but I only need to have it on 4 hours I set it to come on 4 hours before I need to it to be done. We come home with dinner cooking or cooked and not over done. Erika

    1. This is such a great idea but I would worry about food-borne illness with it sitting out for so long. Perhaps I could try it with a meatless recipe.

    2. I would consider it safe for up to 2 hours but 4 would be risky.

  3. I need to try some of those at work, since the home has a nice big slow cooker. It's a hassle cooking over there for some reason. I hope the paint fumes didn't get you.

    1. Thanks, they used zero-VOC paint so it wasn't bad at all.