January goal report

Cleaning. Keep the kitchen sink clean and keep up with the dishes.
I've done pretty well, although not perfectly.

Decorating. Dining room curtains.
Yes! I put something up, finally!

Organizing. Go through kitchen drawers.
Done! I now have an empty drawer. What shall I put in it?

Scripture study. Do it.
I read from the scriptures every day, although sometimes it was right before bed. I want to study more consistently in the middle of the day when I'm not tired.

Parenting. Don't make the children wait; help them immediately when possible.
I've done better in this area, although I still need practice.

Music. Write-up for orchestra website.
Did it!

Health. Eat less sugar.
I definitely ate less sugar than I did last month.

Reading. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.
Yes! Bonus: I also re-read Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy.


  1. Wow... I am impressed. You have accomplished a lot. Congrats.

    I just love the valance you made.. SO pretty.

  2. For your empty drawer, maybe get some silly straws for your kids. We have a silly straw drawer. It's fun.