Christmas-birthday cake

It's funny how your priorities can change in a moment. A few hours after I had decided to stop being Grinchy and enjoy Christmas, I learned we'd have family visiting just after Christmas. So I went from Christmas mode to guest prep mode. The next night, Red Chief threw up. I switched to illness survival mode.

I had a beautiful bûche de noël planned for Christmas dessert, but with our tummy bug, I opted not to make it.

Which was perfect, because my mom was visiting on her birthday, so I had everything I needed to make her a cake.

It all works out.


  1. looks fabulous happy birthday to your mom

  2. So sorry Red Chief got the stomach bug.. Hope he is feeling better.
    So nice, that you did get to make the yummy cake for your Mom's birthday.
    Birthday wishes to your mom.
    Have a great day..