Battling the dim


For the past two weeks, the valley where I live has been overshadowed by smog. I miss the sun! Unfortunately, the weather people think we're in for another week of it. Suddenly I can relate better to all the descriptions of London fog from the old books I've read.

Today I started executing a plan to cheer myself up. High points include:

  • Doing more sewing and creative projects
  • Bringing in pretty cheerful things
  • Keeping up with my routines (we might as well have a clean house if the air outside is dirty)
  • Lighting candles at dinner
  • Leaving the lights on during the day (even though we have plenty of windows and don't technically need them)
  • Keep up my daily walks, even though it's cold and icky outside
  • Plan what to plant in my garden

I picked up primroses and lemons while I was out today. Half the primroses are to give away, but they might as well brighten up my kitchen while I'm waiting to deliver them! As for the lemons, well, they just make me happy. Lemon zest is a pretty good substitute for sunshine.

1 comment:

  1. Love the photo.. SO pretty and clean.. I love lemons too.. So pretty and the lemons smell good..
    I love your ideas of things to do, to help this drab time of year.