Recently tried recipes

Chocolate pie. This was good but so rich! If I ever make it again I will cut it into 12 or 16 pieces. I cut it into eighths and I felt a little sick after eating one piece. Oh, and I added a meringue because I had leftover egg whites. Why not?

Perfect pie crust. I've been dissatisfied with my regular pie crust recipe (because it's so hard to work with!), so I thought I'd try out a few more. My normal recipe is too wet; this one was too dry! I had to add a lot of extra water to get it to stick together.

Oil pastry. Moving on, I tried this new recipe for an oil-based pastry. It's similar to my current recipe, but with different proportions. This was beautiful to work with! I just used flour on the counter; no waxed paper was necessary. I think I've found my new recipe, and it was there in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook all along.

Beef, mushroom, and barley soup. This was very good, although I can't say I actually tried the recipe. I added everything it said to, then supplemented with thyme, bay leaves, onion powder, garlic powder, celery, carrots, and turnip greens. I would repeat everything but the turnip greens.

Turkey and provolone sandwich. I made this on a loaf of storebought French bread. Yum!

Lemon chicken stew. This was a hit with the kids (probably because I used macaroni instead of orzo). I skipped dredging the chicken, but I did add a bit of flour to the sautéing veggies at the end to thicken the broth a bit. I loved the lemon flavor.

Hungarian cabbage and noodles. This was a perfect comfort food. I will definitely be making it again soon. I used part frozen cabbage and part sauerkraut, both from the giant cabbage.

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  1. You might try Mavis' recipe with only 2 cups of flour and see how you like that pie crust. That recipe made with 2 cups of flour has been my family's recipe for generations and I never have any trouble with it. I have often wondered how many hundreds of pie crusts I have rolled out in my lifetime. My Mom used to give me the job of rolling crusts while she prepared pie fillings and we never made less than 6 pies. Pie was not just for holidays in our house. We made pies just for everyday desserts and even ate pie for breakfast. I just finished rolling and cutting 12 dozen sugar cookies. My rolling pin of 35 years has seen a lot of use!