Music week

I had the silliest idea last week, but it's making me happy just thinking about it, so I'm going to do it:

Monday: Early Music
Tuesday: Baroque
Wednesday: Classical
Thursday: Romantic
Friday: Modern
Saturday/Sunday: Religious

I started on Friday and listened to lots of Eric Whitacre. Also Debussy, Ravel, Richard Strauss, Schoenberg, Ives, and Joplin.

Since I currently have 52.4 days of music/audiobooks/who knows what else on iTunes, I'm excited to focus my listening this way.

Afterthought: Perhaps I ought to switch to Christmas music, considering the season?


  1. So proud your doing something that makes you happy.. Yes. add the Christmas music too.. Such happy music.. Enjoy..

  2. Christmas music is a must! :)