Gift wrap alternatives

This month on Homemaker's Challenge I'm writing about alternatives to buying gift wrap. I don't know about you, but I hate spending money on something I can get for free or almost free. Not to mention that it's just more fun to contrive your own.

Do you buy gift wrap? Do you think it's tacky to wrap in recycled materials?

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  1. Hi Diana, I tried to leave a comment on the other blog, But, It wouldn't let me.sorry.
    I loved the post. so informative.
    I use lots of different papers to wrap gift.. I do buy some Christmas wrapping paper, but never for the full price.I always go after Christmas, and stock up on the 50-90 percent off, and I too buy generic paper, so I can use it for birthdays,etc.
    I also make the cloth draw string bags.. The grandkids love getting their own bag ,each year..Kinda like a stocking.
    My local dollar tree, had really pretty sheet of paper [not real big, about 14 in x 14 in], that they wrap anything you buy that is breakable in. And those girls are so generous with it. I bring it home, smooth it out,[sometimes I run an iron over it - to get rid of the wrinkles]. I put it up and save it for gift wrapping..[free... love that.ha]