Corn bags, and how to make them

I made corn bags for the family for Christmas. Corn bags are just bags of flannel filled with dried corn. Warm them up in the microwave and they will keep you warm, like a hot water bottle but less messy.

I end up making a new batch nearly every winter; only one from last year's batch is remaining now, and it's starting to smell a little overcooked. I can't remember what happened to the others, except one, which Tiger Lily blew her nose on. They're not really washable, so if something gross happens to one, in the trash it goes.

Corn bags are super easy to make. Just make a small pillow from flannel and stuff it with corn (like a beanbag). You will need to use dent corn, which is dried corn that is suitable for grinding. If you can't find dent corn, rice will do, although it doesn't keep its heat quite as long.

Toss the corn bag in the microwave for a minute or two, and it will keep your cold feet warm! (The first few times you use it, it may let out a little extra condensation.) Our corn bags are in high demand (mostly by me) all winter. I love to take one to bed; it takes the edge off the cold sheets.

I am thinking of making a small one to keep in the freezer for an ice pack.

Have you tried a corn or rice bag before? Did you like it?


  1. I am best friends with my rice bag. I've had the same one for years! I did have to open up the end seam once and put new rice in after washing the cover. I like to warm it and put it next to a sleeping baby to help them feel snug. (I wouldn't do this with an older baby who can move around though- for safety.)
    I finally sewed a few seams down mine to keep the rice in separate "compartments" so that it didn't all run to one end or the other.

  2. LOVE our rice bags! I made little covers for them so that I don't care if the kids get them dirty - I just wash the covers and the rice bag inside is clean and protected. I adore having a rice bag on my neck - so warm and good for aches.