Patched flannel blanket

Tiger Lily's aunt made her a receiving blanket when she was born. Each corner was embroidered with a birth statistic, and the middle has her name.

Tiger Lily loves this blanket (it's pink!), but unfortunately this spring it had a run-in with the stroller wheel. I didn't want to scrap the blanket since it's a special one, so I decided to patch it.

I didn't have any matching fabric, so I went with contrasting fabric and a fancy stitch and gave up trying to make the patch subtle. I'm sure this isn't the "right" way to patch a blanket, but it works. I hope that Tiger Lily will enjoy her special blanket for many more years now.

And that makes two projects down from my pile!


  1. Whoah! She was a big baby! ( : Cute blanket. I love getting my little mending project out of the way. Right now I have quilt I've been wanting to make for years and I can't seem to find time to do anything on it. WAH!