Knit t-shirt

I cut out this t-shirt several months ago, together with some pants I finished in February that Red Chief has already grown out of. It's from the Oliver + S Raglan T-Shirt pattern.

It was the first of the projects from my pile that I tackled, mostly because I wanted there to be a small chance of it fitting Red Chief by the time I finished. It took only about an hour to sew up once I got started. Why did I put it off so long? (Oh, I remember . . . because I'm so intimidated by sewing knits.)

This is my most successful knit project to date. It didn't go 100% perfectly (does anything?), but it didn't make me yell or scream or tear out my hair (possibly because I scrapped the pocket when I saw how lopsided it was coming out).

The only thing I don't like about this shirt is that the neckline is a little wide for my taste, especially for a boy. I think the neckpiece was supposed to snap back after I stretched it to sew it onto the larger body underneath, but it didn't. I probably did something wrong, but I don't know what.

But I'm really happy with this because there are no holes or puckers in it, and it is recognizable as a shirt. Red Chief can wear it for pajamas!

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  1. The shirt is adorable.. I have that fear of sewing knits too. I am trying to overcome,ha.
    I love the oliver +s patterns, so cute.