Halloween harvest

Yesterday I dealt with Halloween aftermath: two pumpkins plus my biggest bowl full of candy.


  • 8 quart jars of candy, to be rationed out as needed
  • Enough candy for the Christmas stockings (hiding)
  • 2 cups roasted pumpkin seeds
  • 14 freezer bags each filled with 2 cups pumpkin purée
  • Enough pumpkin to make a "pumpkin feast" for dinner: pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie (5 1/2 cups)
  • Plus enough for pumpkin yeast bread and pumpkin pancakes (2 cups)

Pumpkin always takes longer than I think it will. This time things were faster because I used my new Victorio strainer, but it still took the better part of the day (all day if you count the "feast").

I'm happy to have the pumpkin in the freezer: canned pumpkin is expensive, and pumpkin soup is one of our favorite dinners. One pumpkin we grew in the garden and the other cost $3.50, so I think I came out on top on this one.

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