This fall our favorite comfort food has turned out to be clafoutis. I made it once several months ago, but lately when I look out at the cold and dark before dinnertime, I want it again and again—and everyone keeps gobbling it up, so I keep making it.

For the first clafoutis this fall, I used the last batch of summer peaches from the grocery store. Since then, I've used canned peaches or apricots and it speeds up the preparation considerably. I want to try it with a fresh mango soon. Canned or cooked apples might be nice too.

Last night I wanted something similar but different, and I tried a half batch of this egg custard, which was very nice.

I'm not ready to stop any time soon.

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  1. yummy.. I bet mango would really be fantastic. This is really similar to a peach cobbler recipe that I have..
    I will have to try this.. I think blackberries would be yummy too.