So much sage

My sage plant is going crazy, but I don't know what to do with the stuff: I hardly ever cook with it, and it's not my favorite flavor. But it has grown into quite the bush and is crowding out the weeds beautifully.

Do you use sage? Please share your ideas!


  1. When I cook a turkey breast I cover the top with whole branches of fresh sage. It gives a delicious flavor to the meat. I haven't tried it with a whole chicken but I think it would be great there too. I have seen recipes for cornbread that call for chopped fresh sage and that sounds so good but my Southern husband would not like to see green stuff in his beloved cornbread!

    1. Thanks! I think I will use your roasting idea.

  2. Dianna,
    I have a sage plant [that is actually growing in a big flower pot].It is 4-5 years old, and it comes back every year.. Very prolific.ha
    I make turkey or chicken and dressing [stuffing].I use the sage in that.. And I also add it to
    types of pork , It really compliments pork..
    Other than that.. I use very little of it.. HA

  3. The first thing I thought of for you is, if you have darker hair, use the sage leaves to infuse a tea that you can then use as a hair rinse. Sage is great for the scalp and it makes your hair glossy and darker. My daughter has red highlights in her hair and I think the sage tea rinse tones down any brassy-ness in it.

  4. I dry mine and save it in my cupboard for Thanksgiving stuffing and for adding to meatloaf with ground pork--so very delicious!