Recently tried recipes

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Homemade hot chocolate mix. This worked really well. The only change I made was to use mint chocolate chips instead of white, because that's what I had. Not recommended: it didn't taste much like mint, and there was a funny green layer on top of the cocoa when I mixed it up. It still tastes good though, so next time I make it, I'll be sure to use white chips as specified.

Caramel apple cider cookies. These were yummy, but the caramel leaked out of every cookie but one upon baking. That wasn't a huge problem for us, but I probably wouldn't make them for giving away since I like cookies I share to be pretty.

One pot chicken lo mein. I liked this and it was simple to make. I love that it's flexible. Next time I want to add more veggies. Make sure to stir often at first so spaghetti doesn't stick together.

One pan chicken alfredo. We all loved this, and even Tiger Lily, my pickiest eater, raved about it. It's not terribly healthy, but there's something to be said for popularity.

Clafoutis. We all liked this, and it's a great option for a protein-based side dish/dessert. I used peaches instead of cherries. I'll be making it often.

Oatmeal. I tried this new technique for cooking oats: start with cold water and cook over low heat to begin with. It makes it very creamy. My usual method involves getting it done as quickly as possible over high heat, which makes the oats more al dente and pasta-like. The kids liked the creamy oats; I like both ways.


  1. Thanks for the links! I am looking forward to trying those one pot meals.

    1. I can't help trying the one pot meals when I see them on Pinterest. They're so easy and good!

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipes.. SOunds good. I love one pot meals.Easy clean up.yea.