I wanted to try out the fancy new iron my grandma sent me, so I rifled through my heap of sewing projects to find something quick and satisfying.

I found Tiger Lily's favorite pants, which were developing a hole in the knee. (Why can't they make girls' clothes as durable as boys'? The fabric is always thinner, as if little girls don't fall off their bikes and crawl around outside too. My girl does!)

The least fun part came first: ripping out the inner leg seams so I could sew in the patches with my machine. Next I cut patches from a pair of Red Chief's pants (that he destroyed with scissors, grr!). I ironed the edges of the patches under, pinned well, and sewed them on, leaving the inside edges loose, because they would be caught in the side seams when I sewed them back up.

Tiger Lily is happy to have her favorite pants back, and she doesn't mind the patches at all.

Oh, and about the iron . . . I don't think I ever truly ironed until now. My old iron didn't get hot enough to get the wrinkles out of most things, and I was constantly having to stop and mist my cloth with a spray bottle. The new iron actually works—really, really well. My grandma was right: I did need a new iron.


  1. How sweet that Grandma bought you an iron.. And you are so right. A good working iron, sure makes the job easier.ha.
    Tiger lily is adorable and looks happy with her new pants.. I have a boy and a girl [grown now]. and I too, always wondered "why?" can't they make girls clothes thicker.. they most defintitely fall, get on their knees and rough house, just like the boys.ha

  2. you're amazing. i sometimes think about ironing. usually i do iron when my girls need something for work or play. yes, they can iron, but mom is there and available and i'm willing. they don't need me so much now, so it's a good thing (often.) my mom (95 almost) used to let me roll the tablecloths through a sit-down roller ironing type thing. not sure what happened to it. blessings on you - did you try the crock pot apple crisp?

  3. Grandmas usually are right! :)